Multilayer metal deposition

    • k_ujjwal

      Hi, i am trying to simulate multilayer metal deposition using 'element birth and death' technique.

      I have glued the three volumes ie substrate, layer1,layer2 as shown in figure. Then, i am trying to kill the layer2 to simulate the deposition of layer1. At last, i will activate the layer2 and apply the load on the layer2.

      Am i thinking in the right direction?

      There are 43 loadsteps in each layer so i am using do loop but, i am getting following error,

      Where do i place 'ekill' command in my code??

      i am attaching the snapshot of the APDL script after meshing.

    • kkhan
      Ansys Employee
      Hi,nThis error is coming because LSSOLVE/LSWRITE cannot be used with the birth-death option. Please refer to the documentation: might need to use Solve command instead of LSSOLVE to run the model.nn
    • sathya0708
      Hi, nAny success in solving this? How to apply heat flux to a set of nodes that is not on the surface? In other words, how did you apply heat flux on Layer 1 with Layer2 elements killed? I keep getting message that no heat flux was applied. nThanksn
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