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Multilinear Isotropic Hardening

    • albin.linderstam


      I want to perform a analysis of a component using Plasticity.

      I’ve have a stress-strain curve from MMPDS, see attached image. According to MMPDS, the curve is a Engineering Stress-Strain.

      We have used similar analysis a long time ago, but that was in Ansys R15.0. However, in that version, the Total Strain was entered instead of Plastic Strain, see attached image.

      I’ve some questions regarding this; especially about preparding the correct table to input in Ansys:

      1. Ramberg-Osgood Equation: I have E, Fty and n (see attached image), so I simply try to create a lot of stress-strain values from this equation using this parameters, but I don’t get the correct values. Is the method correct? In the second attached image, I show my values from this equation and parameters. According to the graph, 169ksi should give ~0.011, but I get ~0.085, so I’m way off. Cannot find out why.

      2. According to [

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      ], True Stress-Strain is required; should I convert from Engineering to True stress-strain using the equations in attached image and then subtract the elastic strain (s/E) to only get the plastic strain?

      3. According to [

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], the first point should be (0, yield strength), but how should I then include 0.2% plastic strain at yield point? There is a parameter called Offset, but I cannot modify the values. Should this parameter be used somehow? Or should I use (0, yield strength) even though this value is 0.002? 

Regards, Albin

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    Albin Linderstam

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    • albin.linderstam

      Subashni Oh sorry! I'm a bit confused of all forum updates lately. 

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