Multiphase Flow – Liquid_liquid Interface

    • sripadaraja

      Hi I am using ANSYS student version 18.1. I want to perform Multiphase analysis. I have enabled multiphase VOF and defined the two liquid-liquid phase. But, when I want to define the volume fraction "0" to one fluid, I do see that multiphase tab is disabled. What could be the reason.



    • Karthik R

      Hello Sripadaraja,

      I am sure you must have found the answer to this question. If you have, please feel free to tell us your findings. If not, perhaps, this is the reason. 

      In VOF approach, there are primary and secondary phases. Once you assign them, you will have to explicitly select each 'Phase' from the boundary conditions tab to denote the volume fraction. For boundary conditions such as velocity inlet, pressure outlet, walls etc., the default 'Phase' is set to mixture. Here you will not be able to prescribe a volume fraction and the multiphase tab is disabled. This tab will also be disabled when the 'Phase' is changed to primary phase. Once you change the 'Phase' to reflect the secondary, you will be able to prescribe a volume fraction.

      Phase type: Mixture

      Phase type: Secondary phase

      I hope this is what you were looking for.




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