Multiphase Modeling of Chemical Looping Combustion

    • kumarpulkit90

      Hello guys... i am doing multiphase modeling of chemical looping combustion using eulerian approach. i am stucked in setting devolatization and gasification reaction in fluidized bed. i don't no how to set reaction in fluent 18.  can anyone help me?

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Do your devolitization and gasification obey arrehnius law? If yes you do not require UDF for the reactions. For the Eulerian approach both phases need to be defined as mixture. Where are you stuck? 

    • kumarpulkit90

      yes, they are obeying the arrehnius law.. In my case , i have three phase modelling. one is fluid phase which is a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor, second and third phase is coal and metal oxide only which is in granular form and are kept on bed of the reactor. reactor is in cylindrical shape where these solids are patched upto some height and this fluid mixture is coming from the inlet of the cylindrical bed. Now these fluids will devolatize and gasify the coal. Metal oxide will reduce into metal by reduction reactions. Now the reactions which are taking place inside the reactor is 

      a) Devolatilization reaction:


      0.008N2 + 0.301H2 + 0.201H2O + 0.010CH4 +0.37C + 0.105Ash

      b) Gasification Reactions:

      C + CO2


      C + 2H2O

      CO + 2H2

      c) Metal oxide reduction reactions:

      2CuO + CO

      CO2 + Cu2O 

      8CuO + CH4

      CO2 + 4Cu2O +2H2O 

      2CuO + H2

      Cu2O + H2O

      Now my question is like what are the materials that i have to add. and do we require species transport equation to set the reaction. do i need to add all the materials in mixture only. and after adding materials, how i will set this reactions in any fluidized bed.


      PS- sorry its to lengthy, but please help me because i am not getting any tutorial for that as well.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      You will require species transport model for the homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. You need to start from mixture template and add materials you require. In Fluent there us an already coal volatile gaseous mixture in the material database.
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