Multiphase models – Evaporation and condensation

    • sivaraman-s


      I am working with multiphase models for performing evaporation condensation calculations. In the sub-models available (both Lee and thermal phase change) with Eulerian, VOF or Mixture, when running the simulation I can monitor the net mass transfer rate between liquid and vapor phases. However, this is not insightful to understand what is the exact evaporation or condensation rate as this report monitor will give us integral of mass transfer rate with time. Is there a way to exactly monitor what is the evaporation rate and what is the condensation rate during the simulation?

      I am using ANSYS FLUENT 2020R2 version

      Thanks in advance

    • Surya Deb
      Ansys Employee
      You can create Volume-averaged Reports for "Phase Interaction" of the different "Mass Transfer Rates". That should give you a Kg/(m^3 s) information.
      Regards SD
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