Multiphase Simulation

    • gowthamdada

      • i am working in simulation of Convergent-Divergent Nozzle multi phase flow in fluent. the phases are nitrogen and steel particle. As i know, for simulating supersonic flows, we should use density based solver. but multi phase is disable in density based solver.

      • Is it okay to use a pressure based solver for supersonic flows? I need to run a multiphase problem and hence cannot use a density based solver. what will be difference?!?

      • While using multiphase which one will be good? is there need to turn on discrete model for this to get better solutiion


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee


      I moved the question to Fluid Dynamics section.

      If your Mach number is not really high (Ma > 3) you can still an I recommend to use pressure based solver, as not all models are available under density based solver. Actually pressure based solver can even model higher Mach number. Only Lagrangian Framework and the Wet steam model (mixture model for condensation of wet steam) are available within the density based solver.


      Model choice will depend on mass loading, volumetric loading and stokes number. Please check the chapter "Choosing a general multiphase model" in the Fluent Theory Guide.



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