Multiphase simulation help

    • Oliver Baroni-Harrsion

      Hello, I am having trouble with my multiphase flow simulation. 

      I have two inlets, a fuel inlet (water for now but will be IPA) and an oxidiser inlet (nitrogen for now but will be NOx for cold flow tests). When i select the phase for each one, it will change the other inlet as well to that phase, therefore preventing me in setting the phase of the fuel inlet to the fuel phase and the oxidiser inlet to oxidiser. Any recommendations as to what I am doing wrong?




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I think you're mis-interpreting the panel. The "phase" bit you're picking defines the phase for the boundary condition, the tab "multiphase" is where you tell the boundary what the volume fraction is. So, "fuel" would then have a pressure, velocity etc depending on the model, and "air" may have a different pressure/velocity.  Note, you may also want to turn on species as I suspect the gas phase will be a mixture of air and NOx. 

      As an aside, whilst I agree with disposing of Indian Pale Ale by any means other than drinking it, I'm not sure it's going to burn that well...... Then again, if the concept holds lager may finally have a use! 

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