Multiple ANSYS Fluent simulations at once

    • brunomargotto

      Hello, guys!


      I'm working on Particle Filter for state-parameter estimation. I'm using for inlet velocity estimation on a microchannel on a plate. It's a simple geometry, but I'm facing time problem.


      I generate N different inlet velocities and simulate them (for example, 10 particles generate 10 different inlet velocities and consequently 10 different simulations). Therefore, it will be faster if I simulate these 10 different simulations (for the same case) simultaneously.


      Is there an option for it? To compute N simulations at once?


      Thanks in advance

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Have 10 different volumes in same cases and running all of the points in the same session. Just nice the meshes away from one another.

      I do not really understand the application in order to provide better appriach so please make me smarter.
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