Multiple Coils in Same Winding – Interpreting Results (Maxwell)

    • donovankwong


      I have a magnetic transient model where I have multiple coils with a single sheet terminal inside them such that the coil is a self contained closed loop. All the terminals are assigned to a single AC (time domain) voltage winding excitation. 

      When defining the excitation:

      • Are the resistance and inductance values for a single coil or the sum of all the coils?

      • Is the voltage defined per coil, or in total?

      • What exactly is the meaning of the number of parallel paths?

      In the results:

      • Is the current the total going through all the coils, or for each coil?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

    • mbeliaev
      Ansys Employee

      coils are connected in series. RL also added in series.


      Voltage defined per winding. Winding may contain multiple coils


      for more info please refer to the help.




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