Multiple Frames for Wind Turbine Analysis

    • MehmetK
      I am calculating the power output of a wind turbine using ANSYS Fluent. I am using Multiple Frames, one is the moving/rotational frame, and the other one is stationary frame (outer frame), see attached picture please. 
      I barely can find studies in the literature who used multiple frames (one rotational one stationary) together with the periodic boundary condition. I am using multiple frames together with the periodic boundary condition and my results are close to experimental results. I define periodic boundary condition for rotating/moving frame and stationary domain separately in the mesh interface section. For the rotatinal domain, I only define interfaces and wall (blade). Is there something wrong?

      Thank you very much
    • Holger Grotjans
      Ansys Employee

      Looks okay. Why do you think something is wrong?

      For rotating machinery you can also have a look at CFX, which has specific turbo pre- and post-processing available.

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