Multiple Lumerical simulations on a Slurm-based HPC cluster (duplicate)

    • pierre-luc.piveteau


      I'm running Lumerical FDTD on my university on-premise cluster, which uses Slurm as a job scheduler.

      I would like to run multiple simulations, either sequentially (parallel computing) or at the same time (concurrent computing), in case of sweeps. I'm following the procedure described on your portal : Running simulations on your cluster – Lumerical Support (copying all files from the sweep to the cluster and running simulations from here).

      Why is the code syntax I should use in my Batch submission script to execute all simulations (either sequentially, or simultaneously, based on my license capabilities of course).

      I tried the following command line in my batch script:

      "srun fdtd-engine-impi-lcl -logall -fullinfo simulation_1.fsp simulation_2.fsp simulation_3.fsp"

      but it submits only simulation_3

      Thank you for your help !

      Have a nice day!

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee
      This is a duplicate post. Please see my reply on your other post.
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