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multiple mode sources with different input power-Duplicate

    • debin.meng

      We are working on a 3D FDTD simulation which requires the simulation of 9 input sources (single mode source at fixed frequency 1550nm). These 9 input sources are to be simultaneously injected into a square-shaped SOI slab, and the output transmission is detected by 9 output monitors at the end of the square region.

      Critically, we require the simulation of thousands of combinations of input signal amplitudes (i.e each input signal amplitude is unique) over this square region and the corresponding transmissions. 

      So if there was an optimal way to inject these different combinations of input signals? - currently, we are looping through and setting the corresponding amplitudes of each signal, then running FDTD on this, however, this takes minutes for a single instance of these signals, therefore is not time efficient over many thousands of instances.


      May I get your advice on this? Many thanks.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Please do not write posts with the same question but different languages.

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