Multiple periodicity definitions are detected.

    • kwwo

      In FLUENT meshing, I can generate mesh with a single periodicity condition. When it comes to multiple periodicity, the auto-meshing of the volume mesh gives an error,

      Error: Multiple periodicity definitions are detected. You can only perform auto meshing
      with a single periodic boundary definition.
      Error Object: #f

      Is there a workaround to define multiple periodicity to have perfectly mapped mesh on both periodic surfaces?

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali
      Hello, Multiple periodicity can be enabled by inserting a Custom Journal task in the Watertight geometry workflow. Here's a sample of the commands to enter: (define source-id 47) (define target-id 48) (ti-set-size-field-periodicity "translational" '(0 25 0)) (ti-menu-load-string (format #f "~%/boundary recover-periodic-surfaces translational auto ~a ," source-id)) (define source-id 49) (define target-id 50) (ti-set-size-field-periodicity "translational" '(-30 0 -30)) (ti-menu-load-string (format #f "~%/boundary recover-periodic-surfaces translational auto ~a ," source-id)) (enable-feature 'allow-multiple-periodicity) Note that you will need to find the corresponding source/target ids for the corresponding faces in your setup and define the appropriate periodicity. The example above has 2 translational periodicity with vectors (0 25 0) and (-30 0 -30). I hope this helps! Federico
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