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multiple steps analysis with common first one

    • sporzia

      Hi everybody,

      I am struggling with a huge model simulation in Ansys Mechanical which has three loads steps. In the first one only bolt preload is active and in the last one different external load are added to the structure.

      Since I have a lot of bolt preload loads, I was trying to restart the analysis from the end of the first step changing only the external load applied in the last step, but I did not found a way to do this through the Workbench cell sharing and linking.

      Can you help me?

      Many thanks!

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      From what I understand you want to change just the last step keeping the first 2 steps as it is and evaluate the results for each of these cases right? If this is the case why cant you simply create duplicates of the original analysis and change just the last step in each? I am not sure what changes you want in your last step but you could also parameterize your loading and evaluate the results for each design point. You just need a single analysis system for this.
      Regards Ishan.
    • sporzia
      Dear 1shan,
      many thanks for your suggestions.
      In my last step I only need to change applied force and moment value,
      If I create duplicates and I use restart to avoid first two step re-calculations, I will have separate systems, i.e. openint Mechanical I will see results from only one setup. I would like to know if it is possible to have added tree nodes in the same Mechanical window.
      Using parametrization of the last step load will results the same 'issue': I have to load each DP separately and cannot navigate through solutions using the same Mechanical window.
      Any other ideas? Many thanks,
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