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Multipling all loads by the specified value


    • jo9fin
      Is it possible to add load muliplier in ansys mechanical? I will explain this with an example:
      I have a lot of different loads ie.
      I would like to multiply each of these loads by a value of 3 and then solve a non-linear analysis. Is it possible to do this using a single parameter p=3?
       (I do not want to use the load combinations function because this only combines the results of the analysis performed. For me it is essential to perform the analysis with increased loads. )
      Thanks in advance!
    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi jo9fin

      Are you asking if there is a way to change the values in the Graphical User Interface or just in the input file that gets sent to be solved?  And which solver is being used (or which WB Analysis System)?  


      • jo9fin


        Input file would be enough. Is there any APDL commad? 

        Thanks Mike


    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Tom

      There are several commands; search for 'scale' in the Mechanical APDL Help commands manual.  There is FSCALE for scaling applied forces (at nodes).  SFSCALE for scaling applied surface loads (pressures) on elements.  Etc.  mike  

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