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Multipolar decomposition of scattering cross-section

    • sagar

      Will the multipolar decomposition work for periodic BC? How Should I get the scattering cross-section for periodically arranged nanostructures? How will the substrate matter? Does anyone has done multipolar decomposition with periodic BC?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Somehow this post was missed for reply.

      It might work if you have a software for the decomposition.

      For periodic structure, my long-time opinion is, it is not necessary to attribute the diffaction as scattering because only the 0th order is not scattering, higher orders are all "scattering". so you can evaluate the "scattering" by grating analysis. But more authors tend to use scattering terminology. 

      Without a substrate, you can quantify the scattering with only two monitors: in the reflection side and transmission side. All other monitors are not necessary due to periodicity. Please modify the analysis group.

      If a substrate exists, the usual scattering loses its original meaning. However many people still use the "tradition definition" of scattering. I would recomend this example:


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