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Multistep solve for beam loads

    • Vikas

      Hello Rahul,

      I am new to Ansys and trying to do nonlinear analysis of RCC beam with steel as well as GFRP bars. I have values of failure loads from a research paper which I am trying to verify on ansys. Please tell me if I keep time at end of each load step equal to load itself( to draw load deflection curve), then please guide me how much initial, maximum and minimum no of substeps shall I keep? Or Is there a better way you can tell me how to put load in substeps and with what values?

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Vikas,

      There are several discussions on this site from students studying the failure of beams.  Here is one.  Here is another.

      In a Static Structural analysis, time is a placeholder for applying loads sequentially. Each sequential load is typically applied at 1 second intervals.

      The initial substeps depends on whether the solver has difficulty converging. Try 10 as a first guess then adjust based on the solution history if you have to solve again. The only downside to putting in a larger number than is needed to converge is the extra time you wait.

      The minimum substeps can be useful to prevent the solver from taking a large step and then failing to converge, or if you are trying to draw a graph and want a lot of points to make a detailed graph of the changes in reaction force or displacement over the time step.

      The maximum substeps is unimportant, and I typically use a number 10 times larger than the initial substeps.




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