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My temp files aren’t going to temp directory for HFSS discrete frequency sweep

    • Sarah Stevenson

      I am running large simulations in HFSS 23.1 on a research computing cluster via batch jobs. I set the temp directory to be in a scratch folder where I have plenty of disk space by specifying the variable 'tempdirectory' in my batch.cfg file. For most simulations, the temp files appear in the specified directory. However, when I run frequency sweeps, temp files appear in (my home folder on the cluster)/Ansoft/.temp. My home folder is limited to a small amount of space, so it fills up and the simulation fails. I found this post https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/how-to-fix-discrete-sweep-failing-with-unexpected-failure/ and I wonder if the problem is related to that mentioned in the last comment – I am also using discrete frequency sweeps – but the temp directory I specify does not have any spaces or special characters in the name, only numbers, letters, and / to specify the path. How can I redirect all the temp files to my specified temp directory?

    • randyk
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Sarah,

      The default tempdirectory is specified in the AEDT installation  /path/v231/Linux64/config/default.cfg
      As you have indicated, this can be overridden by using the batchoption ‘tempdirectory’=’/tmppath'

      If the specified folder is not available on the solving computer(s), the solver should revert to system TMP or TMPDIR environment variables.
      However, if those also fail, we try using something like: $HOME/Ansoft/.temp

      1. confirm all involved execution hosts have the folder you are referencing in your batchoption override.
      - also that the specified folder is writable 
      2. share the contents of  //v231/Linux64/config/default.cfg
      3. share the top 20 lines from the project.aedt.batchinfo/project_.log



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