Named Expressions for dynamic mesh zone rigid body motion profile

    • pliebersbach

      Hi all,


      I am learning to use the Dynamic Mesh feature in Ansys Fluent (2022 R1) and following the tutorial:

      ">ANSYS Fluent Student: Moving and Deforming Mesh Example - YouTube

      In the example the rigid body motion profile for the small square is set using a compiled UDF that defines the velocity and rotation of its' center of gravity. Is it possible to set the motion profile using a named expression instead to avoid using UDF's and going to C/C++? If so, how would such a named expression look like?



  • Federico Alzamora Previtali


    There are two ways to set the motion profile of a rigid body:

    1) Using a UDF (as you have mentioned)

    2) Using a profile file, where you can define the position, linear/angular velocity, orientation of your rigid body at various points in time.

    So if your named expression is simple enough, you could generate a set of points that would define the motion through time. Fluent will interpolate between those points if its timestep is smaller when performing the simulation.

    You can read more about this here 11.6. Using Dynamic Meshes (ansys.com) - Section Rigid Body Motion, and more details about profiles here 7.9. Profiles (ansys.com)

    I hope this helps!


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