Named Selection in Maxwell

    • HMarie13

      I am working on a motor where I need to optimize the rotor shape. To do this I need to run several simulations and switch out several different rotor geometries. I have found an efficient way to do this in Workbench where I name the different parameters in Creo and it can be directly transferred into Workbench so that I just have to type in a new value.

      In Maxwell every time I bring in a new rotor I have to reassign the material and properties and redefine the magnets to the correct coordinate system. Is there a way to use named selections of parameters in Maxwell as well so that it will automatically assign the part correctly if it is named right? If there is, how should I be importing the information because I'm currently transferring my Creo file drawing to a dxf file and importing it that way.

      Please let me know if you have any advice.


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