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Named selections and Rotation measurement

    • Mohankumar


      I have created a model of vertebra with different faces to apply force and to act as a fixed support using the software Materialise. Until Ansys 17.0, all those faces were present within the geometry. But in Ansys 18.0, those faces are not present under geometry. Instead under Named Selections.

      Now I have 2 queries.

      1, How do I add those separate faces under Named Selections for fixed support? The drop down menu in Details of Fixed Support>Scope>Named Selection remains empty.

      2, How do I measure the rotation of vertebra in degree? The flexible rotation probe option is not available.


      Thanks in advance.

      Named selection dropdownProbe

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Mohankumar,

      Flexible Rotation probe for a face was added after 17.0

      You will have to output the x,y, z undeformed nodal coordinates and the x, y, z deformation of a few nodes, spread out across the face, then compute the rotation of that set of nodes using equations. Since it may not be rigid body rotation of the nodes, your equations will have to include a best-fit algorithm.

      Perhaps other members can suggest an APDL command that does this, even though the functionality was not exposed in the Mechanical menu system at version 17.0.



    • Mohankumar

      Thank you Mr. Peter.

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