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    • mengineerm

      Hello Everyone, 

      i have a problem with transporting the named selections that i created in Design Modeler to the Solver. 

      For example: I created a named selection called "Bridge" in Design Modeler which consits of 8 Faces. When i import the geometry to Fluent Meshing the named selections are transported correctly (at least it looks like that). But when i switch to the solution, the named selection gets splitted into the individual faces of which it consists. The faces then have names like this : 

      1.   Bridge

      2.   Bridge-087

      3.   Bridge-110

      4.   Bridge-154

      And so on...

      It´s not a big problem but its annoying and it costs time to select all the different faces individually, so does someone know what i am doing wrong, or how i can fix the Problem so that i can transport the named selections to the solver correctly ? 

      Thank you very much




    • RK
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Moritz, 

      In Fluent Meshing, after you have updated the regions, you can create a journal file to merge such objects. In the "Update Regions" section of the workflow, right click and choose "Run Custom Journal". 

      /meshing/objects/volumetric-regions merge "filename" bridge-* , NewName TypeOfBoundary y

      Replace the characters appropriately. 

      Right click Update Regions and select add boundary type and you can add the boundary type. 

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