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Named selection’s ID/ET

    • Emiliano

      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to assign the COMBIN14 command to a volume's surface, but I cannot find the way to do that. What I am doing is the following:

      1) I assign a named selection for the surface (the name is, for instance, "FORMATION_LEVEL")

      2) After that, I try to find an ID/ET for the named selection in the *.dat input file. The only I can find is the following:

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee

      You can use the *GET command to find the maximum element type number used. Then use a number greater than that for the elements you are creating
      *get,total_etyp,etyp,0,num,max !get maximum element type number
      ET,total_etyp+1,14 !set combin14 element type number = total_etyp+1
      Hope this helps

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      can I ask why you are doing this via a commands object when springs are supported natively in the UI?
    • Emiliano
      Thanks for your interest.
      What I'm trying to do, is to include a command for a "ground-to-solid" spring. The purpose of the command is to include a table with values of stiffness and damping which are frequency dependent:
      I do know I'm doing something wrong, the problem is that I do not know where's the error. Any help shall be much appreciated.
      Best regards!

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Please see the sample script below on how this is done via a command snippet under the spring object.

      Everything is there so one needs only to modify/modify the table stiffness vs frq. table (called kfreq) - see the *dim command.

      All the best

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