Named Selections not showing up in Fluent when adding local sizing

    • hadisc2

      I'm decently new to ANSYS, and have been trying to run a Fluent simulation for our car team. I was able to run a simulation before by following the Workflow shown on ANSYS how to videos. Now, I have named selections to create local sizing in Fluent. When I import the geometry to Fluent with the car model suppressed (as highlighted in the ANSYS video), I can't find the Chassis and Fairing named selections which are for the car, but I can find the enclosure and boi named selections. On the other hand, when activate the physics, I the named selections show up.

      I have attached screenshots to clarify what issue I'm having.

      Any solution to this would be great!

      The video I'm referring to is this one.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Hide solid car model. nDisplay enclosure in graphics window. This enclosure has car subtracted from it. Now select corresponding faces of this enclosure and give group names for chassis etc. nSo you need to give group names to faces of enclosure. nPlease do not give group names to faces of solid car model. nRegards,nKeyurnGuidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning ForumnHow to access ANSYS help linksnn
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