Natural frequency analysis of a beam immersed in water

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      I am trying to calculate the natural frequencies of a beam immersed in the water, like a ship.

      I have seen the below two videos: 

      ">Analyzing FSI with ANSYS Fluent and Mechanical

      ">Analyzing FSI with CFX and Mechanicall

      My question is a little different, which is at the steady state rather than the transient state. Are there any instructions step by step to set up the model for calcualting the nature frequency of the structure?

      Are there some other approaches in calcualting the added mass of water around the structure/ship, like MFluid?

      Many thanks in advance.

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      J Liu



      Is there any other apporach 

  • RM
    Ansys Employee

    I'm unable to open that link. Could you please share it again?

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