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NCODE fatigue scatter

    • stefano_garbin

      Hello everybody, I have a question regarding NCODE fatigue scatter.

      In the theory manual (page 114) among fatigue parameters I find  SE (standard error), which is defined based on log(N)


    • Daniel Shaw
      Ansys Employee
      The SEIs term in Engineering Data is the same as the SE and SEI term a in the DesignLife Theory Manual. It is referred to as SEIs for some SN methods that require multiple S-N curves. It is the standard error associated with the S-N curve. It is a material/test parameter. If there is a large amount of test data available and the results are closely spaced, then the standard error will be small. If there is limited test data available with a wide scatter, the standard error will be large.nThe certainty of survival is related to a standard deviations from mean according to Table 5.3 in the DesignLife Theory Manual. nHow the standard deviations from mean are used depends on the SN method. n
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