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Near Open Contact

    • Autonewbie



      I have some small gaps and modeled as frictional contact with putting pinball radius to cover the gap but I still see it is near open. Does the contact still work if it is near open? I expect to model the part will move along the gap and stop by the counter part.

      Is it the larger Pinball Radius I use, the longer the computational time it takes?


      Thank you!

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Since you've used the Initial Information tool. Right-click on the Contact Tool Folder and insert a Gap and Status.

      If you see the contact status closed for where it is supposed to be and the gap contour reasonably covered. It is possible that you are defining contact between a small and large contact surface or the gap between them is increasing...The number you see characterizes the entire surface but contact might've already been established as needed.

    • yousaf

      Do you know Autodyn?

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