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Need help converting autocad microfluidic design to watertight geometry workflow

    • Adrian Sieradzki

      Hello, can someone have a look at my workfow for going from autocad to ansys fluent:


      1. I have enclosed design like this in autocad:

      Open this in space claim and do the following:
      1. Select all edges
      2. Select "Fill"
      3. Select pull
      4. Drag some height
      5. select inlet wall and create named selection "inet"
      6. select outlet and create named selection "outlet"
      7. Click on fluent button "watertight geometry workflow"
      This takes me to fluent meshing but when I try to enclose region for inlet I get weird error:

      Error: A cap could not be created using the specified zone/label. Ensure your zone/label encloses the whole opening.

      Error Object: #f

      Can someone suggest better workflow? Or point what I am doing wrong?
      This is not even close to what I want to do with ansys and I need robust way to convert designs fluent compatibile mesh that can be scripted/automated. 

    • omkar.kulkarni
      Ansys Employee


      Can you please check what type of geometry was selected in Describe Geometry Task. It seems you have selected it as only solid with cap openinngs as yes, this won't work in this case. 
      You can either make your geometry hollow and go ahead with simillar approach or select geometry type as "only fluid region with no voids" with same model.

      For detailed explaination on Watertight Geometry Workflow please refer following course
      Mesh Generation using Ansys Fluent Meshing | Ansys Courses


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