NEED HELP – How can I improve the mesh quality? (skewness, orthogonal quality)

    • YJKim


      I am in process of meshing a engine cylinder, and I've bumped into some problem.


      At first, I just did 'generate mesh', and then I got max skewness 0.96, min orthogonal quality 0.05.


      To make it better, I reduced element size to 1/2 according to someone's advice, but it got worse. (skewness 0.99, orthogonal quality 0.01)



      1.Why is the skewness value ONLY large for that part? I made it symmetrical.

      2. Zoomed in, I found that the element is distorted.To reduce the skewness, what should I do except for reducing size?


      Thanks in advance.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      1. It seems like a very thin element there. Check for small faces there and try to merge it in CAD or DM or SCDM or in Mechanical (using Virtual topology)

      2. check for small slivers and try to eliminate them from the model.


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    • peteroznewman

      To add one more item to Aniket's list

      3. Under Mesh, set Automatic Mesh Defeaturing to Yes. This is the default, so it may already be set to Yes and you will need to use approach #1 and #2.

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