Need help in simulating Multiphase flow in horizontal pipe

    • weicuenbb

      Greetings, I am currently attempting to simulate a 2D air-water flow in horizontal pipe with different superficial velocities, e.g. two inlets each with different liquid and gas velocity respectively. I cannot seem to get the expected outcome based on the flow pattern or pressure profile.

      I attempted the separate the pipe into half whereby the top half of the domain is gas inlet whereas the bottom half is water inlet.

      Below are some of the details of the simulation:

      Pipe length: 3m

      Pipe diameter: 0.051m

      Multiphase model: VOF

      Viscous: k-epsilon

      Vsg: 0.82 m/s

      Vsl: 1.36 m/s

      Pressure velocity coupling : SIMPLE

      Any help would be appreciated.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      So you are interested in flow regime charts? With VOF model you will be only able to get stratified or wavy regimes nothing else. For stratified flows I recommend using single inlet and open channel flow. For all other flow regimes Eulerian model is suitable.
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