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Need help on using Ffowcs Williams Hawkings with source surface as interior or interface

    • marinak

      Hello everybody,

      I am trying to calculate noise generated by an airfoil interacting with fluid. I want to use Ffowcs William Hawkings method. I have looked through online user manual: https://www.sharcnet.ca/Software/Fluent6/html/ug/node798.htm. It suggests to either use interior or interface boundary condition.

      1. When I use INTERIOR acoustic simulation stops after first timestep with an error:“received a fatal signal “received a fatal signal (Segmentation fault" (see interior.cas file)

      2. When I use INTERFACE, simulation is running but warning appears: " Note: zone-surface:cannot create surface from sliding interface zone. Creating empty surface" . Also results that are recorded into microphones do not give correct pattern of directivity. (see MatchingInterface.cas file)

      More details are available in the pdf document located at the link below on my google drive.

      Grid and case files are available on my google drive, here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17x3OZiNXbYY8neQGkFQkMh5sgRXRHoRI

       I would appreciate if you can share your experience using FWH in Fluent.  Any suggestions are welcome.


    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Marinak,

      Please go through the following link on FWH tutorial and modeling.



      Similar kind of tutorial is available in You tube. Please check the below link


      Hope it helps you to set up the case rightly.

      Thanks & Regards,


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