LS Dyna

LS Dyna

Need help regarding vibrational analysis using LS-DYNA.

    • Tauqir123_

      I’m working on gear vibrational analysis, I already did the design using hyper-mesh/ls-dyna. Now I want to use ls-dyna for vibrational analysis and collect the graphical data for my further experiments. 

      I have a request to you all guys that if there is any command or procedure for analyzing vibration, please recommend it to me.  

      Note: example 4.1 to 11.6 from Ls-dyna training class, I already read at but it is far different than my case. 

      I just simply want to find the vibration between two spur gears. 

      thanks in advance.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      you need to do some post processing ,
      1) plot the time vs Rigid Body Acceleration of the interested gear.
      2) try to find the Fourier coeff and Frequency
      3) check the frequency of max peaks, which should give you an idea
      Cheers, Ram
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