Need help, why I have a wrong simulation result for tag antenna?

    • kentlee80393

      Hello all,

      I just want to compare the antenna characteristic between simulation, processed by HFSS 13, and real sample purchased from market. I learned the simulation step by step from forum, YouTube and HFSS helper.
      But it comes up with huge different result. I try very hard to get a matched simulation, but keep fail and fail.
      Is anyone could point out the wrong procedure I processed? Here is the simulation details as following,

      1.  Draw the outline of antenna on XY plane with +-0.1mm deviation.  step1

      2.  Add substrate and air space. step2

      3.  Draw an IC input and two inductor patch on each sides of IC.  step3

      4.  Setup the material for copper antenna with 1.4mil thickness and 0.4mm for FR-4 epoxy substrate.  step4

      5.  Apply Solution Type as Driven Terminal. Setup Perfect E for inductors patches and lumped port input with 28.31+204.1j impedance, which is Alien H3 chip with 28.31-204.1 impedance. step5

      6.  Setup boundary radiation for air space. step6

      7.  Setup the max number of passes and Delta. S. step7

      8.  Setup the sweep. step8

      9.  Validate and run the analyze.

      10.  Finally, I open the Terminal S parameter result, it turns totally wrong. result

      Note: all the dimension was measured by microscope with +-0.1mm variation.

      According to this result, this RFID can’t even be read from 1 meter away. I run the test by Voyantic test bench to compare the real situation, it shows the conjugate frequency around 940MHz with read range over 5 meter away. And according to my experience, there is no way to come up with such difference with slightly dimension variation.
      Please help to give me a hint, I stuck with this problem for two months, and just can’t figure it out.


    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee
      Hello,nAs an Ansys employee, I can't download any attachments.nCan you add screen shots directly to the post to help me understand your geometry and setup.nPlease use upload image option and not upload file.nBest Regards,n
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