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General Mechanical

Need help with impacting two bodies

    • erayat_ucl

      I have two spherical bodies which I am trying to make them contact by applying a displacement to the object on the top. The two objects are not touching each other but with the displacement I am hoping to see the deformation on the bottom object. There is a fixed support at the outer ring of the bottom object. Although I tried many contact methods (bonded, frictionless, frictional) I am getting the error in the picture. I tried turning on Inertia Relief and Weak Springs but then the upper object is penetrating through the bottom object.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Make sure that the applied displacements has x = y = 0, and then z as the negative z imposed displacement.

      Also bring the two objects closer so they almost touch before you run it (move them closer).

      All the best

    • erayat_ucl
      Hi Erik
      Many thanks for your previous comment. I was indeed able to impose displacement on the Z axis following your suggestion. Now what I am trying to do is imposing a standard force on the secondary object to enable free displacement on the Z axis and allow it to collide with the primary object. The primary object has fluid in the back portion which I modelled using FSI with the systems coupling function. The coupling works with the only displacement (no force) simulation but not with the force (secondary displacement) and gives the error in the appended image. Would you have any idea what I am doing wrong here?



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