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Need to separate research and teaching licenses on the same license server.

    • fraizerr

      We are running ANSYS License Manager 19.1 and we have a new license that includes research and teaching licenses in the same license file.  We need to separate the research licenses from the teaching licenses and have them run on different ports on the same license server.


      We need to get new license files, but also how do we install those files so that they are not using the same port?


    • dsurendr
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Professor,

      This is not possible using ANSYS License Manager to use two different ports for the license file.

      Instead you can use an Options file to control the Academic and Teaching licenses.

      You can restrict the users from accessing the Teaching licenses by making it available only to specific Groups

      It would generally be called ansyslmd.opt file saved under the C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensinglicense_files (default path)

      You can refer to any Flexnet options file guide for the synatx to be used in this file.

      Any changes made to this Options file would require the restart of the ANSYS License Manager

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Hi fraizerr, 

      If you purchased separate ANSYS Academic Research and ANSYS Academic Teaching licenses on the same Purchase Order, then unless specified otherwise you'll receive a single license file. If you need to split those licenses into seperate license files, on different servers,  then you should contact your ANSYS account manager to discuss a revised license file. I'll let others on the Student Community chime in on whether it is possible to have two seperate license files coexist on the same license server, but with each license file using its own FlexNet port number. 

      If you purchased a Campus Wide Solution license, then the license file can also be split betwen Teaching and Researcher licenses, but as above this is for splitting across different servers (real or virtual), but not different FlexNet ports on the same server.  

      Another, easier and more flexible approach to segregate Research and Teaching licenses on the same server is to use the FlexNet Options File. This approach will allow you to control access to each license increment in your license file based on username, IP address, or Host Name and provides numerous options to group users, allow, deny, reserve licenses.  

      I hope my reply here proves useful. 





    • ddltd
      Hello,nI have a same problem, I need to separate the teaching and research licenses. As pgl mentioned that the virtual server can be used, so could you guide me to create that such server?nThank you and stay safe,nddl.n
    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee
      Hi ddl,nI'd recommend to request your IT to help with creating a virtual machine or just giving you another physical machine to host the licenses. The idea is just to find 1 more machine, so you can separately host the research licenses and teaching licenses. Once you have two machines, you can reach out to your ANSYS Account Manager to help splitting the licenses files to these two machines.nOr you can just follow the options file method as suggested by nThanks,nWinn
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