Need to use same geometry and same mesh for different analysis modules.

    • Santiago Flores

      I created a mesh using the meshing module in Workbench, and I did it this way because I need to use the same mesh for static structural, harmonic response, and random vibration modules; nevertheless, I am not able to use my "Mesh" module output as an input for any of the afforementioned mechanical modules. I also tried creating the mesh directly in the static structural module and then linking the "Model" sub-module in static to the same one in the other ones to no avail. And I should also say that this is not the first time that I encounter this issue with Workbench; in the past I ended up replicating the meshes module by module, by hand, but as you can probably imagine, it took me way longer than it should've.

      If anyone can offer me some pointers as to what's the better way to do this, I would appreciate it very much!

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Mesh module is not compatible with Mechanical systems. You need to create mesh in "Mechanical Model" system instead.

      If you have already created mesh in "Mesh" module, you can click on the downward black triangle in upper left of the "Mesh" system and use "Replace with Mechanical Model"


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