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“Negative Cell Volume Detected” error using Dynamic Mesh in Fluent Flow Simulation

    • kavindupasan

      Abnormally deformed/diffused mesh

      For the 2D Vertical Axis Wind Turbine simulation, above figure shows the mesh corresponding to the time-step just before the simulation stopped due to error "Negative cell volume detected". The inner domain set as a 'Rigid Body' whereas the outer domain set as 'Deforming'. The inner domain and the 03 blades are free to rotate with its single-axis rotation DOF defined by 6-DOF feature in Fluent. As the turbine rotates due to torque induced by the wind flow, the outer domain is getting deformed and result in an abnormal mesh. Then, the cells begins skew and collapse as it doesn't remesh and finally the "Negative Volume Cells Detected" error occurred. I've tried configuring Remeshing Properties but failed. Please someone help to solve this issue. Thank you.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Does the mesh actually need to change? Ie can you use a sliding zone? 

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