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Negative Drag Coefficient on NACA 0021 aerofoil

    • Craig Taylor

      I have to analyse the lift and drag coefficient of a NACA 0021 aerofoil compared with a magnus effect modified versoion on ansys for my dissertation.

      for an odd reason i have a negative coefficient of drag on my model, i have looked at other forums for answers and i can't find a solution.

      my settings for my simulation are:

      inlet velocity: 25m/s
      viscous model k-omega sst
      first cell height: 0.000012208311253141898m
      reference values taken from inlet on reference zone surface
      with the lift and drag being calculated from the aerofoil surface

      im not sure if the easy fix for this issue is to just calculate the drag in the negative x direction

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you enter NACA into the search box at the top I suspect you'll find the answers. You've almost certainly not defined the reference area correctly. 

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