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Negative Load Multiplier in Nonlinear Buckling Analysis

    • ronaona

      Hello everyone;

      I am currently doing a nonlinear buckling analysis and post-buckling analysis in ANSYS. For my simulation, I created a geometry using 4 surfaces, so I can change their wall thickness without changing the dimensions of the rectangle hollow section.

      My conditions are:

      Top flange= compression

      Bottom flange= tension  

      weak spring =On

      Large deflection =On

      Eigenvalue Buckling

      Pre-stress(Static Structural)

      All Line pressure are constant

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      Do note that buckling mode shapes do not represent actual displacements but help you to visualize how a part or an assembly deforms when buckling.
      If you receive all negative buckling load factor values for your Eigenvalue Buckling analysis and you wish to see them in the positive values, or vice versa, reverse the direction of all of the loads you applied in the Static Structural analysis when theKeep Pre-Stress Load-Patternproperty is set toYes. If this property is set toNo, reverse the direction of all of the loads that you applied in Eigenvalue Buckling analysis.
      If you are interested in knowing how the stiffness changes you need to perform a non linear buckling analysis in static structural with gradually increasing loads until the structure becomes unstable. Have a look at
      " target="blank">

      Regards Ishan
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