Nested Meshes in Icepak

    • upot2


      I have a question on nested meshes in Icepak. Suppose I have 2 non-conformal assemblies with one being nested inside the other. Would the max X,Y,Z element sizes of the nested assembly hold (the ones we specify for this assembly) or would these values be copied from the assembly within which this lies (the larger/outer assembly)? 

      For example, I have an assembly for a power substrate which lies within a larger assembly for base plates. So, if I specify max X,Y,Z values of 1.5 mm for the power substrate and max X,Y,Z values of 5 mm for the base plates, would these values hold or would the power substrate get values of 5 mm (disregarding the 1.5 mm i specified) because it is nested inside the base plate? 



    • Satyajeet Padhi
      Ansys Employee

      The power substrates will get mesh size of 1.5 mm. 

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