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Net frameworks error message + various problems


    • cbur


      One of our customers has been having problems with SpaceClaim (for several years now): his assembly constraints jump randomly or are set with a bad parallelism.

      it happens (and it made me notice it), that it saves a file one evening where all the constraints are correct and the next day when reopening nothing goes.... (I specify that this user is the only one to use his station and that he works alone)

      Yesterday during a second support to be contacted about a new problem related to the aligned constraint, I noticed that the visualization tab in windows present a part with axes while the SpaceClaim file does not include any! as if there were ghost files (I checked all the files are not hidden) .... so I tried to do a "check the geometry" and I have an error but it does not exist! ( it is on the ghost body which does not appear in SpaceClaim).

      I have then the right to Net framework error messages about SpaceClaim...

      I tried to uninstall and reinstall SpaceClaim but nothing changes ....
      I obviously can't share the file because it works as an external file and if I share it as a file it creates the "interdependent path" error.

      On the other hand, if I save as Scdoc it works. Its assembly is not shareable... I enclose a series of pictures to illustrate the problems.
      Have you already encountered this kind of problem? What does this error message mean? why are the constraints applied but not true? and why does the file view tab not match the file in SpaceClaim?

      Thanks in advance for your feedback

      PS: I put you in .txt the entire message of the dialog box net framework and logs files

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    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Forum Moderator

      Hello charlie

      1. For the .NET error, can you please check if the customer has the below requirements.
        Please also refer Ansys Discovery Hardware Requirements (2022 R2) - Knowledge Base - Ansys Discovery Forum

      2. Regarding the ghost parts, can you try deleting the system temp files and cache for SpaceClaim.
      3. If I understand correctly, the Align condition remails as expected when saved as .scdoc and changes when saved in other formats. Is that right?
        If so, can you specify which format you are saving to?
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