Discovery Import

Discovery Import

New License Error

    • ashish.darekar


      I have used the trial version . 

      After that I have taken a Official Discovery License (2019 R3) and I am very surprised with the interface . Its little bit different. I am getting window (attached photo), and will not be able to select the Model (Structural, Thermal, etc)

      Also there is once error at the bottom about the  failed to create OpenGL. (attached)

      Also I am not able to open my previous simulations (.scdoc files)  which i have generated with the trail version (R2 i guess). 


      Can you just help with this



    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi ashishdarekarsiemens

      I have already responded to your query on OpenGL.

      Regarding this missing functions on GUI, please refer to the suggestion in this post and see if this helps.

      Thanks & Regards,


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