New Machine for Ansys

    • DesProf

      Hello fellow designers! I recently found a new machine for Ansys that is performing with quite promising results.

      A little background first: I am an instructor on CAD. I also have been designing for several years. I recently got into Ansys, and I found that my old workstation wasn't performing quite well enough to efficiently work with Ansys. I like to keep my workstation up to date with the latest software and tech, so my design game can be at the top of its tier.

      The machine I am referring to today is the [edit rwoolhou]. This monster of a PC runs anything like a brand new Ferrari. I still have yet to build a simulation that can even make this machine flinch. You can find this workstation at [edit rwoolhou]. These guys pre-configure their machines specifically for the design program you're using, and it arrives in a timely manor. You could also just check out the specs on their machines, so you can find out what your PC needs to have.

      I hope this helps you in your future design work, my friends.

      Live long and prosper!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Given none of the student models will trouble anything running Win10 & modern with a half way decent graphics card I have edited the post. In the event this is not SPAM please use the "contact us" button on to discuss in a more suitable manner. 

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