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New Optimetric license system

    • AndyJP

      I should say that the new licensing system for Optimetrics, where you need 16 HPC licenses for running just 2 parametric tasks is a total c**p. And please bring these words to your management department. They got completely insane and unstoppable in their greed.

      I was using older versions where you needed 1 separate optimetric license for 1 hardware node, and it was perfectly fine and reasonable, because buying HPCs by number of CPU cores is just natural way.

      But after you started forcing people buying unnecessary HPCs just for driving Optimetrics, I see the reason why the performance of HFSS Driven Modal solver got decimated to 2 cores only. It is ARTIFICIAL! You just disable the thread branching in the code for pulling money out of customers on more unneeded HPC licenses.

      Really, no wonder regional companies prefer leasing of Agilent and Murata simulators these days.

    • Randy Kosarik
      Ansys Employee
      Hi AndyJP At the 2021R2 release, you will be able to solve the two parametrics (up to 4 cores per) using a single HPC pack.
      Please see the calculator at:
    • AndyJP
      That's much better. Really, 16 HPCs for just two tasks, it is so unfair; I was shocked.
      So, what would be the new official formula for calculating optimetric tasks?

      P.S. I always votefor anisotropy/ferrite support in GPU acceleratedcode in newer versions, if you care :)
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