Nexxim/SPICE/ Twin Builder

    • gary

      I have a netlist of a circuit that I can run under Nexxim.  It requires accurate transistor models.  However, I want to include it as part of an interface to a Maxwell Model (transient).  It seems in order to do this, I must work in Twin Builder.  When I make a subcircuit in Twin Builder, it runs Berkeley SPICE (instead of Nexxim).  Unfortunately, Berkeley SPICE does not support the most important transistor model parameters.  Hence, the circuit (netlist) does not run properly in Berkeley SPICE.  Using standard library components (transistors, etc...) the result is the same.  Is there anyway around this?

      Is there a way to run Nexxim with Twin Builder subcircuits?  I am at a dead end.



    • Dan Dvorscak
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Gary,

      Unfortunately Nexxim and Twin Builder are not compatible with each other. So no we can't have a Nexxim circuit block running inside of Twin Biulder or vice versa. 

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