No “apply” button” on Trying to rotate a block ( ICEM CFD)

    • Hazem

      Dear members,
      I know this may sound simple but I've been stuck here..

      I'm trying to create a hex mesh for a 3 blade wind turbine.
      Using slicing I made a block surrounding one blade (since the blade is horizontal) and saved it as a part in the tree "BLADE_1"
      Now I need the two other blades to have the same block, I'm trying to use rotate block, I selected the block and entered all the options and can't find the apply button and the middle click doesn't do it also. A
      Any help


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      if you scroll down, it may be there. please check you are using full screen mode or something else.

      also I will suggest you to split geometry and only take region around one blade. as you have 3 blades, take 120 degree region. mesh this sector only. in fluent you can define periodic boundaries. 




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