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No cached password or password provided.

    • OGomez

      help please. I can not run setup in fluent. i only get errors.

    • OGomez


      I only get a frozen window with a partially loaded page (see image), with the following message in console area:


      Unable to connect to external socket: Error during socket creation


      Opening output file:"SolutionResult.xml"




      Welcome to ANSYS Fluent 2020 R1




      Copyright 1987-2020 ANSYS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


      Unauthorized use, distribution or duplication is prohibited.


      This product is subject to U.S. laws governing export and re-export.


      For full Legal Notice, see documentation.




      Build Time: Dec 2 2019 14:16:01 EST Build Id: 10114


      2020/06/02 10:49:07 INFO Demo license file C:PROGRA~1ANSYSI~1ANSYSS~1Shared FilesLicensingstudent.lic exists.




      Warning: Unexpected error checking license expiry date.





      This is an academic version of ANSYS FLUENT. Usage of this product


      license is limited to the terms and conditions specified in your ANSYS


      license form, additional terms section.



      Host spawning Node 0 on machine "MySatallite" (win64).


      WARNING: No cached password or password provided.


      use '-pass' or '-cache' to provide password






      Through workbench I get the “The Fluent application failed to start” message.


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      You have issue with MPI. Either security software blocking it or there is something messing with your local networking.

      For local networking issue, try this:

      In Fluent Launcher page, click Show More Options -> Parallel Settings , then set

      MPI Type = MSMPI

      Check box for 'Select IP Interface' and select the IP address.

      For security issue, you will have to try narrow it down which of your security causes this MPI issue. I recommend to try turning everything off at first and work your way back to narrow down the cause.

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