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No convergence shown although substep converged

    • syammaricherla


      I am doing a non-linear analysis in ANSYS 19.2 and the model is loaded in two load steps. 

      The first load step is bolt pre-tension load step and auto time stepping programm controlled is selected.

      The second load step consisits of 15kn force and a time stepping of 50,50,100 was given.

      For the fisrt step under force convergence section even if the purple line is under the blue line sub step is not convergence.

      Why is it so?





    • peteroznewman

      There are other convergence criteria than force, such as displacement, which you can plot if you choose the pull down.

    • syammaricherla

      Hello Mr. Peteroznewman,

      That's awesome.


      Thanks for your help.

      I plotted discplacement convergence criteria and found that the step was not converged, where as the force was converged.

      Many thanks

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