No ignition is ocurring in combustion model

    • up201705193

      Hello everyone.
      I am currently simulating a methane air combustion using the jones and lindsted mechanism and using the thermodynamic and transport data from the grimech mechanism. It is a premixed combustion using the eddy dissipation concept model. The problem is, I am getting no ignition even after patching the inlets to a high temperature. I guess the problem is not with the simulation itself because when the temperature of the inlet is high the reaction occurs. Any suggestions to solve this problem?

      -Pressure-based solver
      -Realizable k-e model
      -do for radiation
      -Species Model with EDC model
      - Air and Ch4 enter at the same inlet in 3D model at 300K
      - Inlets are mass-flow and outlet is outflow

      I have tried patching the entire furnace for 2000K or even just a part of the inlet but nothing happened. Should I give initial values for the quantity of products I am predicting to obtain?

      Thank you very much.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Use a pressure outlet, outflow should never be used. What flame stabilisation system have you got? One of the models requires an intial value of the products too, doesn't need to be correct, just needs to not be zero. 

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