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no multi-frequencies broadband options

    • tomas.monopoli

      Hello all, 

      I am running an analysis of a 3D setup with multiple incident wave sources.

      Does anyone know why I don't have the multi-frequencies and broadband options in the analysis setup?

      I have an HFSS terminal driven design.  

      Here is my desktop configuration:

      If, for example, I add a lumped port, I am again allowed to use multi-frequiences in the setup.

      I don't understand why this option is disabled if I just have incident wave sources. 

      Thank you!


    • Faezeh Ladani
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Tomas,

      Thise option is not available when you use Plane wave incidence excitation. 

      Note that when using Plane wave incidence, there are no S parameters involved and the convergence criteia is based on energy. Also, we cannot use interpolation sweep, but only disceret sweep. If you have a structure which has several resonances, I suggest you create several setup accordingly (for each resonance) and only have a narrow band sweep around the resonance for each setup where you really care about fields. Note that if you save fields for a lot of frequency points in the whole domain, it will slow down the simulations and possibly take a lot of disk space. (depending on your design of course.)

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